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Main » 2009 » February » 25 » Globalization and the means of communication
Globalization and the means of communication
5:21 PM
by Marianna Sidorenko and Victor Clementiev
Modern communication system is like bridges over states, nations and different cultures. It gives opportunity to get and post necessary information from any place worldwide and therefore solve different problems almost immediately that makes easier, for example, global trade and new trends of development, capital movement spreading and so on. Communication is the place where the modern global economy, extremely new cyberspace has been forming. The system of communication is the groundwork in the process of globalization. Calling on cell phone, sending a message via the internet or using Skype, travelling we make a spots and remote grains from one place of our planet to another.
In our opinion, internet and travelling are main tools of globalization nowadays. What problems these aspects of communication have solved today in our society and what problems they have created these days – this is the main idea of our topics.

Victor: Internet characteristics

To my mind, internet is not only one of the means of communication nowadays. In internet you can find everything, you can read newspapers, play games, make acquaintances, order goods in online shops… Somebody can live almost full live in internet! It gives us a new kind of reality; with the help of it virtual world turns into completely tangible one.
Internet helps to coalesce people from the different parts of Earth; it spreads latest news in a moment. E-mail, blogs, social nets, web cameras give you opportunity to communicate in real time, to discuss the hottest issues in politics, celebrations life…In internet you can run your own business, using the great possibilities of advertising and all-encompassing volume of net resources. Internet can help you to develop your abilities, talent in music, photography, design, IT, etc.
Internet has some controversies in its developing. The one controversy of internet is that it can preclude many biases, favors, stereotypes of society, but alongside with that it inculcates the idea of mass consciousness. The other controversy is that internet promotes equal language; it unifies the language variety in the world. In the same time everyone can express his personality, attitudes and find soul mates online.
Also internet has some problems today. The first problem is that using the internet you haven’t any real security of your personal data. The second problem is anonymity and scattering unwarrantable and unmoral information. Many countries and especially our country haven’t any strict laws to prevent this spreading. The third problem: sometimes internet gives people unreal, mutilate understanding or meaning of reality, and it sounds frighten.
Nevertheless, internet has the great opportunities and influence on our lives.

Marianna: Globalization and travelling

To travel is to live. This proverb is becoming more and more often used nowadays… People are not afraid to go abroad, they are willing to сonnect with people from different countries and absorb their customs.
I personally think that globalization has influenced travelling and peoples’ attitude to it dramatically. First of all, now we have more opportunities to travel. There are a bunch of students’ exchange programs, students may win a scholarship and try out a new culture and an absolutely new way of life. For example, when I was a high school student I spend an Academic year in the United States of America, some more years ago students wouldn’t have such an opportunity. Then, there is less problems when being a foreigner in a country. Globalization contributed to English language becoming worldwide spoken. Almost everyone will be able to explain you how to get to a point of your destination or what are the dishes listed in menu. Moreover, if a traveler has troubles with the traditional cuisine of a country of visit, he will always find a way out eating in a internationally known place such as McDonald’s or Starbucks. Being a tourist people feel more comfortable, more secure and confident. There is a feeling that the host country and its citizens are much friendly and opened, the world seems to be smaller and friendlier, the reason for it is globalization, global connections…
Globalization opens up avenues people would never have thought before. And trying out different cultures can open up new ways of living in our own.

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