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We have to answer them!
11:57 AM

Ok, everyone, we should answer the questions of Stanford students.

The idea: you can see the questions here, to answer add comments. Just put the number of a question and your answer.

What happens next is I (or someone) gather everything in a .doc (Microsoft Word document) file and we send it to Stanford.

And it is all right if we will have multiple answers to one question!

Some questions will probably be answered at the videoconference.

1 What is the correct pronunciation of Khabarovsk? :)

2 Do people in Khabarovsk identify more with Asian or European culture… or neither particularly?

3 How does your geographical location in eastern Russia affect your identity?  

4 How much does Asian culture influence lifestyles and identities in Khabarovsk?

5 Are there ethnic or religious tensions in your region? 

6 What kind of cultural activities do you enjoy (for example, concerts, festivals, museums…)? 

7 What sort of music (genres and artists) do you listen to?

8 What musical instruments do you play?

9 Why did you decide to attend Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law?

10 Have you ever been to the United States? Would you ever consider living in the US?

11 What do you think of Barak Obama being elected President of the United States?

12 Although we in the U.S. grapple with our diversity at times, we enjoy a lot of it, and one of Stanford University’s core values is to cultivate diversity of all sorts. What does “diversity” mean in Khabarovsk and at your university?

13 Does your university seek actively to enhance diversity among its student population?

14 Most undergraduate institutions (public or private colleges and universities) promote a “liberal arts” education. That is, students are expected to take classes across a range of disciplines in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, especially in the first year or two of their studies, before concentrating on their major fields of study. How is the university educational system in Russia different?  

15 How would you characterize your history/social studies classes in high school and university? To what extent do these classes emphasize regional, nation, and/or world history and social/political issues?  

16 How large a role does preparation for careers play in Russian schools?  

17 Through what process do students choose the universities they attend or the careers that they pursue?

18 How do you feel about learning English when comparatively few students in the U.S., the U.K. and elsewhere learn Russian?

19 I noticed that there is a “Jewish Autonomous Region” near Khaborosk. How does an “autonomous region” work and what is special about it?

20 What is a typical school day like for you?

21 Do you enjoy the (cold) weather?

22 Do you have a job in addition to studying? If so, what do you do?

23 Is there a general consensus about climate change/global warming at your university?

24 What are your opinions about climate change/global warming?

25 To what degree has American or European culture has affected your culture? In what ways positively, and in what ways negatively?

26 How has life changed in Khaborovsk since the break-up of the Soviet Union? How has this change affected the educational system?  

27 Is your town and region prospering economically? 

28 What type of geography does your region have? Do Russians have strong regional attachments and identities? Are these as strong as national identity?  

29 What are the range of your opinions about Vladimir Putin’s leadership and his role in world politics? (Ask us about George Bush! Please!)

30 How much of a role does religion play in your education and in your daily lives?

31 What question(s) did you think we would ask you? :) 

You are welcome to answer!

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20 Katerina  
№29. Vladimir Putin is a person who I trully admire! Being a president he has done his best for the prosperity and flourishing of our country! Moreover being a prime minister he also continues doing a lot. He is a real strong and just leader. And his contribution to the world politics can't be overestimated! He carries out a right policy for the unification of the countries and for solving world conflicts.

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19 Katerina  
№4. I'd like to answere this question concerning Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (it is my native town located on the island Sakhalin, which is also a part of the Far East of Russia). Asian culture has a great influence on our lifestyles and identities! Asian people are very united, tolerant, respectful, hard-working. They have a special attitude to their parents, chilren, nature. There are a lot of Japanese, Chinese and Korean here and we daily communicate with them.
And I think that through our communication with Asian culture we strengthen these qualities in ourselves.

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18 Katerina  
№30. Although I am a believer, I can't say that religion plays an important role in my education and daily life. I try to rely only on my knowledge and life experience. But I remember our Russian proverb: "Everyone is a believer in difficult times". So each of us puts his trust in God being in desperate position.

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17 Katerina  
№10. I have never been to the United States. Of course if I had a chance I would visit the US with great pleasure! I would like to learn more about its culture, traditions and people. But I have never considered living anywhere abroad! I am too attached to my motherland. I can't leave for a long time even the Far East to say nothing of leaving Russia.

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16 Katerina  
№9. Our Academy is one of the most famous universities in Russia in terms of economics and law! I decided to connect my future life with the sphere of economics long before my entrance to the Academy. I am really interested in it. I am absolutely convinced that here I will be able to get good education and form the basis for my professional development and career prospect. Although I am a freshman at the Academy I am sure that I have done the right choise and I will never regret it.

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15 Gleb  
29. Putin is a politician I'm proud of! He was the first leader who managed, using democratic methods, to bring order in Russia after the collapse of Soviet Union. He is very consistent, he never breaks his principles and follow the rules strictly. He led confidently our country for eight years as a President and brought stability, development, force and prestige to Russia. He solved (or, when it was impossible, eased) dozens of social problems inside our country. Now, being Prime-minister, he continues his policy successfully. Certainly, I do not support each of his step, but generally, until he controls the situation, we can be confident in the next day.

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2 I think that people here identify more with European culture since we actually look like Europeans (as most of Russian people, not all though), but in a lot of cases asian culture is much closer to us then say for people from western Russia! In school we make more emphasis on asian countries since they are our neighbors here. And people here learn more Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages! When people choose place to travel they mostly go for China, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea and Vietnam! Cause it's much cheaper to go there than to anywhere else! (while people from the West Russia on their vacations go to Turkey, Egypt, Europe). We have a lot of tourists from China, Japan and Korea! And we also have a lot of Korean people whose grandparents moved here long time ago.

3 I’m very interested in Asian cultures! I’m good with Asians. I understand them very good!And it’s very important to understand those cultures in our time! Some people say that future is on the East!:)

4 I can’t say we dress like Asians or eat only Asian food. We have as much Chinese and Japanese cuisine as others (or maybe even less). But yeas, we have more Asian touristas coming to our city. And almost every person here has been in China at least once!:)

5 Not really/ We have Muslim, Christian, Jewish! They all leave peacefully here!

6 I enjoy different! I like people actually! I like activities where a lot of people are involved. Like workshops and seminars. Me personally always try to do different things for different interests. For instance: debate club – for personal development and knowledge, dancing company – for my soul and body, studies – for future, work – for money. I like active time: like ice skating and dancing!

7 Rap, hip-hop

9 It’s a very good University in terms of economics and law! I decided to have an economic major. So I think I did right choice! My sister studied there and seemed to like education!

10 I’ve been there studying for an academic year. I was in Mississippi State University, and also had chance to travel to other places and states. I would consider going there again, maybe for MBA…not sure about living…

11 I think American people made right choice! To my mind he is better in terms of international relations! He is open for negotiations and cooperation. It’s very important in our time!

12 Mostly it means students coming from different towns and regions. We also have students from China and Korea. In our Debate Club we have students from different Universities and majors.

22 I work in travel agency. It’s part time job. If I don’t’ have classes I’m at work. And I don’t attend some classes if I agreed about it with professor. A very interesting job!

27 Yes, or town was elected as one of the most prosperous in Russia few years ago. And for that it was put on Russian banknote of 5000 rubles value (you have presidents on your notes, we have cities)

29 Putin is a wise politician. A lot of people in world community think that he is a very autocratic. But think about Russian history, Russian huge territory. Russia needs a serious and solid president to govern country! Some people think that he is against world community. But he is always talking to some diplomatic representatives from other countries and presidents. Sometimes he can be strict, but just because the world community unreasonably doesn’t support our position.
So, what do you think about G.Bush?:)

31 How many languages do we know?
What is our attitude to Putin and Obama?
What do you think about Americans and American lifestyle? smile

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13 Tanya  
14. We also study "“liberal arts” before concentrating on our major fields of study, for instance history, philisophy.

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12 Katerina  
№5. I think that the time of ethnic and religious tensions has passed! To say the least of it I find it barbaric when people start wars because of their religions or nationalities! The 21 century has already started! Why can't different religions and nationalities co-exist in peace? Russia being a multinational country can't allow such conflicts exist on its territory. I think there are no ethnic or religious tensions in our region!

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11 Katerina  
№8. I play the piano. 2 years ago I finished the music school in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. I used to participate in different concerts, festivals and contests and now playing the piano is one of my favorite hobbies.

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