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It was great!!
3:29 PM

Yes, it was. And I think we should all say 'Thank you' to Olga Vladimirovna for all that she's done!

Congratulations everyone! Thank you all!

I guess we need some kinda report of a videoconference. One variant is somebody just does that report and posts it here! Include photos, if you have..

(Another idea is we all make up one report. If somebody has photos of that videoconference send them to my e-mail (, write your reports and send it to me. Also leave your comments here, just any little phrase that will express your emotions about the whole thing. We then gather all the things and make that report up! Actually the second variant seems a bit too complicated:))

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5 Katerina  
I am so delighted with this conference!!! It was great pleasure for me to participate in it! I understood how alike we are and how many common interests we have! I have realized what a great chance it was to see and to listen to people in real time from another continent!!! That is really amazing!!!! But what is the most important result of the conference is that we learnt more about each other and made a lot of new friends with whom I am sure we will keep in touch in future. Having shared our opinions and having listened to everyone we have become closer and more understandable to each other. And it means that the main aim of the conference is reached! And now we have to keep and develop our relations! I am really looking forward to our next conferences and future collaboration! And I will do my best to contribute to our future cooperation!

Thanks to all the participants of the conference and to those who have made it real!!!

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4 Katerina  
Olga Vladimirovna, thank you very much for such an opportunity to participate in the conference and for that you have made it real!!!! You have turned our dreams into reality))

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That Conference was on of those activities when you realize how small world is, how similar people and their communities can be!

Two Universities from across the Pacific had chance to talk like there were in the same classroom! Thanks to 21 century and its technologies!

The greatest thing about that type of communication is that we can exchange our information and views. It's so to say going in both directions. So we learn how to talk and we learn how to listen!

We were discussing cultural and community identity and we did really well. That's something that we have in common and that triggers more and more discussion, more questions and hence, more opportunities to continue our dialogue: through bloggs, facebook! The topic was really interesting and fascinating!

Special thanks to those who made this experience happen! For those who generated ideas and for those who developed them orally, in writing, emotionally and technically!

Good job! Let's keep it up!

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Thanks to everybody! And special thanks to O.V.!You can motivate! (that's where we take motivation you mentioned:))

Let's keep on doing that great job and cooperation!!

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1 kovbasyuk  
You were all soooo good today! I am so very proud of your terrific work and contribution to the project, which just started and will last long, I believe. I am forwading you the workshop page, which was created by Stanford to advertise our videoconferencing project. On the bottom of the Lesson Plan page you will see the site to upload your comments regarding the conference. Don't hesitate to leave your comments, even brief ones will be appreciated.

Thank you for your brilliant work and motivation!
Yours, OV

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