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The bloggs created by Stanford seem soooo interesting and soooo COMPLICATED!!!!
Regrettably, we don't have much time to prepare, but if you have any questions regarding your bloggs, don't hesitate to ask, please
Also - can you please leave your names next to the topic you work with, so that I could probably help you in a more focused way?

1 environmental education ----
2. sustainable lifestyles ---
3 environmental justice -
4. enviromental policy, politics and activism-
5 environmental ethics and values-
6- Environmental technology - Alexei Valerievich and teachers

Thanks for your collaboration,

Date: 2009 Feb 11 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (0)

One of the researches on Stanford blogs has led me to an interesting web page. And I think it will be interesting for those who want to cares about how do they write! 

This web page analyzes your English! The program tries to tell your gender and some other info, based on the text you type.

The Test Page

What you need is any text that you've written with the lenght of about 300 words or more. Sure you have such texts!

You can also read the article about that analysis

And no, I won't tell my results:)

Date: 2009 Feb 11 | Added by: Dmitry | Comments (0)

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