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A thing about Blogs
0:48 AM

I'm really sorry for that blog entry. But i think we need it.

For the long time as the word 'blog' is in our 'Global Learning' life i notice how many times we use it.

Well, i wouldn't care really, but when it comes to using the word in Stanford blog, i feel a bit confused when some people use it wrong. And i think Stanford students really see the mistakes and think that russian peoply know nothing about modern technology!

So, i want to say that 'blog' is a whole web-page (actually it's more than that) and we can't say 'I added my blog there' or 'Here are the new blogs', because we have just two blogs - our Global Learning and the Stanford blog. Blog means the system that lest us add information, read it etc.  (in fact, blog can also be the verb which means to add items to a blog or maintain, or add content to a blog)

What we create, write, upload etc can be called: message, blog item, some other werds. But the one most correct is 'post', or blog post. We do work with posts (noun), we post (verb) them to the blog.

What you are reading currently is called a post, and it is in the blog. I did not add a blog, a posted an item. Hope that is clear...

Once again, sorry for teaching but i think we better make nicer impressions ouf us if we use correct modern language:)

for more info, see Wikipedia links

The Article on Blog


The Blog-related Terms

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2 Dmitry  
I agree that we learn things to understand them. But what i also care about is how do we present ourselves for Stanford.
Both goals to understand and to make impression i think are coexisting here.

Thank you for the comment

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1 kovbasyuk  
Thank you, Dima,
I think it is a very appropriate entry that you made regarding the terms we use.

However, I would disagree that we'd better use the right word in order to make the "right" impression. I belive that we learn things not because we want to make the right impression on someone, but just for our own understanding.

Thank you for explaining the difference,

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