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Main » 2009 » February » 23 » Is fast food destroying our food culture?
Is fast food destroying our food culture?
1:53 PM

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Globalization of the food process depends on "eternal search" for new sensations and international trading system. Research, which was made by ecologist Yana Vamosy for the University of Calgary, demonstrates a superiority of humankind all over the world in the terms of food diversity. Our food contains products related to the large number of species. Also scientists analyzed food ingredients. Most conventional food is made up from more than 20 ingredients. The conclusion they made is that the hamburger is a symptom of globalization.

During the centuries in Russia food was known as homemade food, no more. Only the 20th century has changed everything: fast food became the industry. In Russia the empire of fast-food has won hearts and stomachs of growing generation and adults, who do not make a cult of meal. The process took only 15 years! Russian children get used to eat such food as crisps, rusks, noodle of fast cooking, fruit-drops. That is why the government of our country has forbidden selling crisps, candies and fizzy drinks at schools. The tradition of having meal at home is very strong, especially here in the Far East. However, we live faster and faster and as a result, homemade food is being gradually superseded by prepared food. Having a lunch at home in the middle of a working day becomes a luxury. 

I am studying and working at the Far-Eastern State University of Humanities. That is why I can see everyday life of our university. Unfortunately, our students eat many hamburgers, drink a lot of soda and so on. However, at the same time, students today more often buy salads, drink fruit juice. As for me, I have to stay at the university all day long. That is why I try to take homemade lunch with me to the university. Certainly, I buy some chocolate, but I need it because I spend many calories. I think that I have a healthy lifestyle as far as it is possible!

Do your families have any traditions of having meal at home, for example, as Sunday lunch?

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good post, I enjoyed reading it

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