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5:07 PM
Ok, we did it! The 3d one and the last one in this session with Stanford.
Since we did not have enough time to debrief the conference right after we finished ,
I welcome this discussion here, online,
Please, share your ideas about what you think went well, and what did not, what you learned about Stanford students and how you consider yourselves different, in which way?
Which of the 3 conferences was more interesting and why?

Also, what we need to take into consideration in order to improve the organization of such videoconferences in the future.

I welcome to this discussion not only participants, but those who wantched and observed, also
All your comments are highly appreciated, belive me.

Thank you,

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4 Katerina  
Thanks to the participants, thanks to the organizers, thanks to everyone!!! I really enjoyed this conference! I was very glad to see that you have done such deep researches. They were really very informative! And being an observer I learnt a lot of new and interesting information.
To tell the truth I like our first room more than this one. I don’t know why. May be because there every group could sit on its proper place, we needn’t change our seats and waist time on it. But of course if next time we are really able to communicate through that computers and every group has its own computer it will be the best variant!
Unfortunately I can't compare this conference with the previous one as I didn't participate in it. But yesterday I noticed that Stanford students were not very active. They seemed a little bit bored. Also some of them didn't seem to have read our posts. I hope I am wrong. But sometimes Stanford students even couldn't say a word! But this is just my opinion. In this way I think our students are more responsible and enthusiastic. We prepare for everything more thoroughly.
I have to disagree with Dima in the way that we do not get inside the problem, we choose. We really don't have enough time on the conference to discuss all the aspects of the problem deeply and we really need more time for preparations. But it doesn't mean that the projects were shallow. To my mind everyone has prepared very informative and really deep works. It was a great experience for me and an excellent example for the future. On the one hand I don’t think that we should choose smaller themes for such conferences! We shouldn’t make them primitive! It will not be challenging! Although we can’t cover all the questions during the conference such themes make us do a real research, make us find more information. But on the other hand may be if we choose a smaller theme it will make the dialog more vivid and active.
And the only thing we should do in order to improve such videoconferences in the future is to become more active, to learn to keep the dialog and not to be afraid of asking questions and participating (this is about me as well).
Any way this is a good experience for all of us! And I'd like to congratulate all the participants!!!

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3 Dmitry  
I feel I'm working in a great and diverse team of people who do want to learn globally! That's cool! Thanks everyone!

The third conference was different. We were in another room, we had the monitor. Each group were sitting in front of the camera, which was nice! And we had a lot of people who were just watching us, I thought it would be really bad for participants but it wasn't, really.

It was organized better, it seems. As for me.. I did not feel enough confidence. I think I just lack speaking practice, experience in presenting speech etc. I need to work on it, really

What I think we may improve is the topic of the whole discussion. We choose very global things, and do not get inside of the problems. We just don't have enough time on the one conference to discuss something deeply if we talk about such global things like globalization or environment. Maybe we should choose smaller themes but really do researches. Or, prepare for some longer time than we do.
That may be not a nice idea, but a good thing to think about.

I would like to encourage people to be more active on the blog here! Those who are afraid of blogging - hey, thet's simple, just do it and you'll understand that's not complicated at all!
Monopoly is bad, you know. And that is what we have when only a few people take decisions here on the site, leave comments and share thoughts. Everyone is welcome to leave messages on that site, it was done for you! The site is not here just to be here or to be complicated for people. It is for you to communicate, because it makes it simplier sometimes. We need more and more participants here, to make discussions bigger and useful.
Come on, people, participate here!!

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2 Marina  
smile Many thanks to all participants! I see the great job and contribution!!! Every time more and more participants come to these videoconferences. As for me I invite all people I know to be involved in our friendly team!
Special thanks to Olga Vladimirovna (for organizing event), Dima Galenko (for computer maintaince ), Elvira (for idea coordinating), Alexey V.Sobolev (for peer reading, coordinating Debate Club memberss to participate innthe conference), Yulia (Guan Ke) (for diluting our Russian team and bringing in creative idias biggrin )

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1 ksenia-tkachenko  
Dear Olga Vladimirivna,

Our 3d conference was so interesting! I was very excited! I think that it was better than other two conferences, the place where we held the conference was more comfortable and better equipped.
Also I believe that we felt more relaxed. May be because the video class is bigger and it is easier to breath. May be because the atmosphere was cheerful and we didn’t afraid to say something wrong. I would like to say you thank you very much for such experience! It is a real opportunity for all us not only to try our self in writing blogs, but also in communicating with native speakers. And I believe that we have some experience in negotiating. And we try to do our best as negotiators. It is really difficult to answer the questions and than ask question which are connected with the context of dialog.
I noticed some interesting things. Students from Stanford didn’t mention some negative factors when they presented their country and answered the question. We often told a lot of problems which were occurred in our country. So I think we should pay more attention to our country, our peculiarities and also tell more about positive moments. We should ask them some questions about our country to know their opinions and make them find some information about Russia. I mean that we should try to stamp something good about our country on their memories.

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