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Dear participants of videoconferencing with Stanford,
they want us to fill in the survey in order to get the feedback about the activities you were and are involved ( bloging, videoconferncing)

Please, plan some of your time to answer the questions they posed at this site

Your answers will automatically be posted into the Survey Collection Website

I would REALLY appreciate if each of you do this, so that we can plan on continuing our exchange with Stanford,

I will see you this Wednesday


Date: 2009 Mar 09 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (2)

Dear new and experienced students!

Welcome to our next gethering!
Orientation on Global Learning projects!

11 March, Wednesday, 5.15 pm, Academy, room 502

Dima and Gala will provide you all with information on how to proceed through
Cage Painting
Make sure you read our posts on with Stanford University
and our recent blogging with Sweden
as well as articles on cage painting that Dima refered you in his entry below

Prepare questions and be ready to join in right away!


Date: 2009 Mar 04 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (0)

Hello! Here's some help..

the picture from Glyn Rimmington's paper

For Those who did not have a chance to participate in Glyn Rimmington's Cage Painting Project yet, here is some info

First, two papers containing the Cage Paintin idea - 'Final Paper' and 'Graz Final' (Actually they have longer titles but these ones are just file names)

These papers are pretty big. And it is hard I think to explain the idea in a few words.You can download them at 'File Sharing' section - go there throug our site menu, or follow that helpful link

Aloso, Olga Vladimirovna scenario is available for downloading there

Once again, I may recommend visiting  ... Read more »

Date: 2009 Mar 03 | Added by: Dmitry | Comments (0)

Global learneres,

we are moving on to the next level now:
1- creating posts for the Sweden - Stanford - Khabarovsk blog. If you want to introduce yourself and/or to invite to a conversation on the specific topic of your interst, go ahead and do it.
If you want me or Vera Nikolaevna, Alexei Valerievich to proofread your texts before you post it, go ahead and send it over to either of us.

Please start your post with:

This entry has been created for Orebro-Khabarovsk- Stanford exchage of Intercultural Communication Classes.

2- Glyn Rimmington, President of Global Learning from Wichita, Kansas, USA, suggests to connect us with his students on writing scenarios on Cage Painting, person to person, by e-mails and on Skype, if you have this sofware ( very easy , free to download and install, by the way -
Some of us participated in his seminar in November, 2008, others are not aware of this process, but we can give you the orientation, right, Dima?
I'd like those of you, interested to get involved in this process, leave the comment here, as well.
We will se what to do next.

3. Leaving your comments as reflections on videoconferencing with Stanford is critical if you want to participate in the next Marratech connections. See the "Congratulations!'" post .

Look forward to hearing from all of you,

Date: 2009 Mar 02 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (3)

I have already asked twice on a question 'Where are the sweden blog posts?', so I decided to write it here:

The best way to see these posts is this: go to the site

and click on a 'Khavaborsk - Örebro - Stanford Blogging' link in a 'Categories' list on a right. Or, which is actually the same, go directly to

Please notice that either of these ways does not lead you to another web-page. It only selects the posts from the ccr blog that refer to Khavaborsk - Örebro - Stanford Blogging and shows them. That means all the posts you'll see actually are on a blog, and you can also find them there if you search well enough

And, please, participate on our discussion in Congratulations! post below

Date: 2009 Mar 01 | Added by: Dmitry | Comments (0)

Ok, we did it! The 3d one and the last one in this session with Stanford.
Since we did not have enough time to debrief the conference right after we finished ,
I welcome this discussion here, online,
Please, share your ideas about what you think went well, and what did not, what you learned about Stanford students and how you consider yourselves different, in which way?
Which of the 3 conferences was more interesting and why?

Also, what we need to take into consideration in order to improve the organization of such videoconferences in the future.

I welcome to this discussion not only participants, but those who wantched and observed, also
All your comments are highly appreciated, belive me.

Thank you,

Date: 2009 Feb 27 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (4)

ok, we seem to be ready, stretching the deadline untill today with the only post on "Education" ( which I enjoyed reading, really) being uploaded this morning. The latest one. But a very good one!
And it is innovative in nature- students and teachers created it together. Nice cooperation.

The rest of the posts have been done in time. Congatulations! We are having 5 posts. And - we are getting the first comments... I have just read one - on cinematography.
Each of the group will have 15 minutes to present the post and to ask/answer questions, as you well know.

The students, who did not meet deadline - I am sorry, there are just a few posts that could have been there.... but deadline is deadline. Next time, please, don't postpone writing essays untill the last day
And if you receive negative feedback on your essay, - rewrite it, improve it, don't just give up!
Everyone can do things better, that is the goal to learn.
As Dalai Lama said once " If you failed to do something, don't miss the opportunity to learn" Failures can teach better then success

I am sorry for the group "Globalization and Means of Communication", there seemed to be some disorientation there, and nobody took the lead to accomplish what had been planned. Sorry, you are not participating this time. There will be more opportunities in the future. Don't get upset, please.

Look forward to seeing you all this Friday, at 9;30 am, electronic hall of the library.
... Read more »

Date: 2009 Feb 25 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (1)


Here's a little tutorial for the future..

First! Be shure you really need to post something. Your post should be already proofread.

So.. Go to

Enter name: khvaborskintercultura ... Read more »

Date: 2009 Feb 25 | Added by: Dmitry | Comments (1)

We are having 5 posts so far
1Globalization and Education - Alexei Valerievich, Marina Yurievna, Elvira, Katya Korsakova, Julia Guanke - proofread by AV due today, 24 Feb.

2Globalization and Business issues - Ksenia, Julia Serdyuk, Larisa - proofread by OV

3Globalization: Art and Computer technologies - Tanya, Dima, Lisa - proffread by OV, VN

4Globalization and cultures - Nadya Ignatkina, Tasya Lopatina, Nastya Sapronova - proofread by OV, VN

Globalization and Means of Communication- Alisa?, Katya Vlasenko?, Olesya Stadnik? - to be proofread and approved by AV
I am still unaware of who and how many people are producing this post. No response from this group, since Alisa quit. I feel disoriented of the work of this group, so have it under a big ?. Please, don't upload anything, unless I or AV approve the text.
Thank you!

5Globalization and Cinematograph - Gleb, Natasha, Alisa + Galya - to be proofread by OV


Date: 2009 Feb 24 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (1)

We have 3 posts uploaded!!!!

Wonderful job, done by "Computer technologies group" - Dima, Tanya, Liza! I like the texts and the design of each of the 3 posts under this title. And the work was done in one team, whic is great. Team spirit is there!

"Culture and subculture" is represented by Nadya and Tasya, so far. I enjoyed your approach to food and language issues, and you posed very good questions. Well done!

"Business issues" is represented by Julia and Ksenia, so far. Good issues to raise, and thought provoking. I used it as an opportunity to add some of my questions at the end. Hope you will tolerate it. Thank you!

Ok, we are looking forward to 3 more posts, 2 of which are to be proofread by Alexei Valerievich
Gleb, you are welcome to send your text to me for proofreading.

Would be nice if we accomplish the work by Wednesday, 25, this is A REAL DEADLINE!

Keep in touch,

Date: 2009 Feb 23 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (0)

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