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Globalization and Education - Alexei Valerievich, Marina Yurievna, Elvira, Katya Korsakova, Julia Guanke - proofread by AV
Globalization and Business issues - Ksenia, Julia Serdyuk, Larisa - proofread by OV
Globalization: Art and Computer technologies - Tanya, Nastya, Dima, Lisa - proffread by OV, VN
Globalization and cultures - Galya, Nadya Ignatkina, Tasya Lopatina - proofread by OV, VN
Globalization and Means of Communication- Alisa, Katya Vlasenko, Olesya Stadnyuk - proofread by AV
Globalization and Cinematograph - Gleb, Natasha, Alisa - to be proofread by OV


Date: 2009 Feb 23 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (0)

this entry is a part of 'Globalization and cultures' topic

Globalization of the food process depends on "eternal search" for new sensations and international trading system. Research, which was made by ecologist Yana Vamosy for the University of Calgary, demonstrates a superiority of humankind all over the world in the terms of food diversity. Our food contains products related to the large number of species. Also scientists analyzed food ingredients. Most conventional food is made up from more than 20 ingredients. The conclusion they made is that the hamburger is a symptom of globalization.

During the centuries in Russia food was known as homemade food, no more. Only the 20th century has changed everything: fast food became the industry. In Russia the empire of fast-food has won hearts and stomachs of growing generation and adults, who do not make a cult of meal. The process took only 15 years! Russian children get used to eat such food as crisps, rusks, noodle of fast cooking, fruit-drops. That is why the government of our country has forbidden selling crisps, candies and fizzy drinks at schools. The tradition of having meal at home is very strong, especially here in the Far East. However, we live faster and faster and as a result, homemade food is being gradually superseded by prepared food. Having a lunch at home in the middle of a working day becomes a luxury. 

I am studying and working at the Far-Eastern State Univer ... Read more »

Date: 2009 Feb 23 | Added by: Dmitry | Comments (1)

I'm really sorry for that blog entry. But i think we need it.

For the long time as the word 'blog' is in our 'Global Learning' life i notice how many times we use it.

Well, i wouldn't care really, but when it comes to using the word in Stanford blog, i feel a bit confused when some people use it wrong. And i think Stanford students really see the mistakes and think that russian peoply know nothing about modern technology!

So, i want to say that 'blog' is a whole web-page (actually it's more than that) and we can't say 'I added my blog there' or 'Here are the new blogs', because we have just two blogs - our Global Learning and the Stanford blog. Blog means the system that lest us add information, read it etc.  (in fact, blog can also be the verb which means to add items to a blog or maintain, or add content to a blog)

What we create, write, upload etc can be called: message, blog item, some other werds. But the one most correct is 'post', or blog post. We do work with posts (noun), we post (verb) them to the blog.

What you are reading currently is called a post, and it is in the blog. I did not add a blog, a posted an item. Hope that is clear...

Once again, sorry for teaching but i think we better make nicer impressions ouf us if we use correct modern language:)

for more info, see Wikipedia links

The Article on Blog


... Read more »

Date: 2009 Feb 20 | Added by: Dmitry | Comments (2)

Friendly reminder to everyone!

1. WE need to post the names of our blogs by the end of this week to make sure we are in the process of creating them. Please give your topics as soon as possible

2. Deadline of uploading the proofread blogs is 23 February.
The first 3 blogs are subject to special prizes!

3. Welcome to meet each other and to rehearse your presentations on Wed, Feb, 25 in room 502 KSAEL at 5pm

Alisa and Nadya! You are most active in our exchange with Sweden! I have special prizes for you!

Below is the message I just sent to all of you, regarding the blogging.

I suggest this entry to be copied at the beginning of each blog that you are creating to upload into the site for the videoconference next Friday, 27 Feb.

This entry was written in preparation for the third in a series of three videoconference meetings among Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law in the Russian Far East and Stanford students enrolled in the PWR 2 class "®evolutions in Environmental Rhetoric". The focus of this videoconference is "Globalization: Opportunities and Challenges”.

to do this blogging we have

username: khvaborskintercultural
password: ccrblog

I remind you that Dima Galenko is our guru in technology, so please contact him if you have any questions, regarding uploading your blogs.

Thank you, Dima

For the newcomers this is a reminder of our site

http://globalle ... Read more »

Date: 2009 Feb 18 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (0)

We made it even better today!
I am proud of you!

We learned and progressed sooo much! We will keep on moving ahead.

Please, don't hesitate to share your ideas as feedback if you "forgot" to say something right after the conference. Each of your idea is exceptionally valuable to develop critical thinking and to improve.
By the way, we are going to have the next conferencein the electronic library, so we will have each group come up in front of the screen, like Stanford does, and you said you liked that way of presenting by groups sitting together in front, and changing each other.

Welcome to the next week work on your blogs and to the next gethering,

Thank you,

Date: 2009 Feb 13 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (1)

1 environmental education - Tanya, Nastya
2. sustainable lifestyles ---Alisa, Sergei, Polina
3 environmental justice -Katerina, Elvira, Lisa
4. enviromental policy, politics and activism- Nadezhda, Galina
5 environmental ethics and values-Ksusha, Julia
6- Environmental technology - Alexei Valerievich, Marina Yurievna, Julia

THank you!

Date: 2009 Feb 12 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (5)

The bloggs created by Stanford seem soooo interesting and soooo COMPLICATED!!!!
Regrettably, we don't have much time to prepare, but if you have any questions regarding your bloggs, don't hesitate to ask, please
Also - can you please leave your names next to the topic you work with, so that I could probably help you in a more focused way?

1 environmental education ----
2. sustainable lifestyles ---
3 environmental justice -
4. enviromental policy, politics and activism-
5 environmental ethics and values-
6- Environmental technology - Alexei Valerievich and teachers

Thanks for your collaboration,

Date: 2009 Feb 11 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (0)

One of the researches on Stanford blogs has led me to an interesting web page. And I think it will be interesting for those who want to cares about how do they write! 

This web page analyzes your English! The program tries to tell your gender and some other info, based on the text you type.

The Test Page

What you need is any text that you've written with the lenght of about 300 words or more. Sure you have such texts!

You can also read the article about that analysis

And no, I won't tell my results:)

Date: 2009 Feb 11 | Added by: Dmitry | Comments (2)

Here is the link to Google map, which was done by David Newell. He and Carolyn Ross already have added two marks to a map. Now we have some more places marked on a map of the world. Please, have a look, then tell what comments do you want to see on that map, and what cities do you want to mark. For example, your birthplace, the city you like the most etc. Leave here as the comments!

To enjoy the map try clicking on the 'satellite' buttun on the right top corner, when you are on the site. And remember that it 'eats up your traffic' pretty much

Follow to the map with that link

Date: 2009 Jan 20 | Added by: Dmitry | Comments (2)

We now can see the photos from the videoconference form another side of the screen!Carolyn Ross has added 58 photos to the group.

Carolyn Ross: "Hi, everyone! I have posted a photo album of our first Khabarovsk <--> Stanford videoconference here -- so take a look! I'm also in the process of posting some video of the conference as well! Enjoy! :) Carolyn"

Here I upload some of them...

I think I'll try to give them some of our photos, too.

And, those who was invited but still does not have the facebook account: that is simple! Just go to, and register.

And, of course, don't forget to read the Stanford blog! They are adding new comments to our essays

< ... Read more »
Date: 2009 Jan 19 | Added by: Dmitry | Comments (1)

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