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We do have a poll! Just move your eyes slightly yo the left side please.. you can see it there!

Now we have the File Sharing! What's it for? You have a file, you want everybody to have it? Post it to File Sharing. It completely does not depend on blog or any other section!

Now we do have the Photo Album! Test it, it is here just for that. (The question was do we need it?)

All that sections are at the site menu at the left! They really are there..

And what if I give one more blog to The Debate Club? As you see I've prepared two more blogs.

They are a bit different in style, check out message adding. But I haven't adjusted them. As we define their application, I will set them up. We can also leave them for the future.. Finally, who wants another blog?

I was given an idea. We can make this blog as the site news, where only a few people may add messages. Everyone may leave comments. We also make one blog the data storage. For example, it would be a nice place to post our essays not to mess up the main blog. That would be free for anyone to add info. I need your ideas! (Although we yet have so little data so one blog is completely enough)

Need your opinions!!

Date: 2009 Jan 17 | Added by: Dmitry | Comments (1)

Yes, it was. And I think we should all say 'Thank you' to Olga Vladimirovna for all that she's done!

Congratulations everyone! Thank you all!

I guess we need some kinda report of a videoconference. One variant is somebody just does that report and posts it here! Include photos, if you have..

(Another idea is we all make u ... Read more »

Date: 2009 Jan 16 | Added by: Dmitry | Comments (5)

Hi everybody! We are Natasha, Tanya, Nastya and Gleb.

You know, there in a wonderful Academy in the Far East of Russia. This is Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law.

It is one of the greatest educational centers in the Far East of Russia and the only higher educational establishment that trains qualified specialists for all spheres of economics and law. Nowadays Academy is one of the most popular Far Eastern universities. Studying here is not only prestigious but also perspective.
Future certified specialists in the field of economics, law, management, banking, finance, insurance, accounting, auditing, statistics, foreign economic activities, commerce and marketing get education at Academy.

So, we study here and our major is Audit of International Business.

Now our basic discipline is accounting. Later, on the 4th and 5th years of studying it will also be auditing (which means checking accounting if it is accurate). And, since we are supposed to be Internat ... Read more »

Date: 2009 Jan 15 | Added by: Zagogulina | Comments (5)

The community I would like to tell you about is the KSAEL Debate Club. I am a freshman at Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law. And since the very beginning of my student’s life I have been attending the Debate Club of our Academy. I joined it because I knew that it would be a great chance for me to improve my English, to practice my public speaking skills and to discuss topics that really interest me, such as international economics, politics and social life. But in a while, I understood that debating was not the only activity of the Debate Club.

There are many other interests it embraces. For example, we participate in different social programs such as visiting orphanages.

Also we take part in different conferences. Being a first year student of the Academy and a newcomer in the Debate Club I have already participated in videoconference with Wichita University and in the conference with Academy of Justice.

Along with our formal sessions and debating we ... Read more »

Date: 2009 Jan 15 | Added by: Katerina | Comments (1)

Ok, everyone, we should answer the questions of Stanford students.

The idea: you can see the questions here, to answer add comments. Just put the number of a question and your answer.

What happens next is I (or someone) gather everything in a .doc (Microsoft Word document) file and we send it to Stanford.

And it is all right if we will have multiple answers to one question!

Some questions will probably be answered at the videoconference.

1 What is the correct pronunciation of Khabarovsk? :)

2 Do people in Khabarovsk identify more with Asian or European culture… or neither particularly?

3 How does your geographical location in eastern Russia affect your identity?  

4 How much does Asian culture influence lifestyles and identities in Khabarovsk?

5 Are there ethnic or religious tensions in your region?  ... Read more »

Date: 2009 Jan 15 | Added by: Dmitry | Comments (20)

It's an amazing feeling when you find out that you are going somewhere different, It’s such a great feeling of great achievement when you realize that you’ve been there for almost a year..and after all that time you feel in a new place like at home…

In 2007 I was awarded a fellowship for the Eurasian Undergraduate Exchange Program to study in the US for a year. I’ve been doing a lot of international stuff before (International MUN Conferences in China and Switzerland, Students' Conference in Japan, learning world economy and international relations in my University in Khabarovsk). But this time the experience was very different: it was an academic year of speaking different language, living over the oceans away from my family and friends, eating different food and sharing a room with an international roommate.. Sounds like a challenge, huh? But what experience I got there outweighs all those fears and doubts you might have before going to study abroad…

So I went to US, Mississippi State…

I had a chance to learn a very interesting and unique culture!

I was given a great opportunity to experience studies in an american college!

I was happy to share information about MY culture!< ... Read more »

Attachments: Image 1 ·Image 2 ·Image 3 ·Image 4 ·Image 5
Date: 2009 Jan 15 | Added by: ELVIRA | Comments (2)

                A community Identified with a Particular Place????


Date: 2009 Jan 14 | Added by: Marina | Comments (3)

Dear all,

I would like to propose to start from learning about our communities. Of course 'community' is supposed to be common for every its member. At the same time, each of us has peculiar view on communities he or she belongs to.
It would help us to see what we really have 'in common' within our communities, and what we appreciate on individual levels.

So, my proposal is the following:

If we take 'city community' as the basis and prepare short photo/text individual essays about cities we live in/study/ever lived.

We express what 'my city' means for we, what I love in it and dislike, what places I see the most beautiful, how I spend my time in my city, what I would like to chance in city's architecture/life style, as well as other I-deas we have.

And the we see individual essays in groups of one city f/ex: Khabarovsk/Amursk/Komsomolsk

So, we together may then analyze what our 'city communities' really are: what do we really have in common as city communities, and what do we have individual.
And it therefore will be the result of our 'community identity'.

Looking forward to your comments wink

Date: 2009 Jan 12 | Added by: Yushchenko | Comments (6)

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”
—Margaret Mead

“Someday after we have mastered the winds, the tides and gravity, we will harness the energies of love. And then, for the second time in history, man will have discovered fire.”
—Teilhard de Chardin

“The world we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far creates problems we cannot solve at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”
—Albert Einstein

“What leads human beings from a state of fear, ignorance and distrust ( if not hatred) of those who are culturally different to a state in which they want to understand, communicate and connect? And once this desire of heart and mind is present, what converts it to action?”
—Anne Janeway

What are the possibilities of Global Learning?

• The value and experience of diversity as a creative resource,

• The power of commonly held purpose and vision,

• The familiarity of what we know as a starting point rather than a destination,

• A commitment to living and working in ways that energize rather than diminish,

• A world which calls forth and sustains the highest and best of our individual possibilities and collective potential.

Date: 2009 Jan 10 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (1)

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