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Dear all,

I have just returned from Siberia, which we were visiting with Glyn Rimmington
We visited Irkutsk, lake Baikal, Antsir ( my native village in Krasnoyarsk krai) and Krasnoyarsk.
If you are interested to see the pictures and to read the entries, go to Glyn's blog

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!

See you in September,

Date: 2009 Aug 01 | Added by: OV | Comments (4)

Dear experts in videoconferencing!

I absolutely agree with your reflections that this conference was the best we have had this year!
We improved in discourse and context and interactive techniques, that is for sure!
I enjoyed every single part of this discussion!
THanks a lot!

All of the 3 groups were doing well, and we will do even better next time, in June, 2 , when we plan to have Marratech software and will be speaking in a "group to group" format for 1, 5 hour with each group at a separate computer! We will have iti n DVGGU

Please, go on your online interactions!

Date: 2009 Apr 21 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (1)

Dear Global Learners,

I hope you have received my e-mail regarding the next conference we are having with Stanford, a new group of students, and a new agenda.

Stanford is presenting their reseach on Leadership, I encourage you to read their posts and to choose the topic you would like to discuss with them.

We are having meetings to prepare for the Conference: Monday, 13 April at 2 pm in 232 DVGGU,
GROUP FIVE RU, let me know that you will be there! And other students from DVGGU!!!!

KSAEL students, we are meeting next Wednesday, 15 April at 5 pm in 502

Ifyou can'tmake it for the meetings, let me know, I have to plan your participation in the Conference ahead of time. The format is going to be different this time.

Thanks to everybody,

PS I am counting your comments for Stanford posts!

Date: 2009 Apr 08 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (1)

Khabarovsk State Academy Of Economics And Law


Far East State University Of Humanities

The winner of the competition will be the place where the next videoconference occurs. That's the prize. That's because the place for the conference is not yet defined. (You should already know that this videoconference will be a Polycom conference, i.e. 'crowd-to-crowd'. 'group-to-grop' conference occurs in the very beginning of June)

How to win? Leave comments on Stanford blog! That is easy! More comments - more chances (by the way it's free!)

Date: 2009 Apr 06 | Added by: Dmitry | Comments (2)

I really enjoyed Gleb's and Alisa's comments regarding Leadership,
they are so thoughtful and meaningful, delicately and clearly expressed.
I am proud of you,
Date: 2009 Apr 04 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (1)

Hello to everyone,

I suggest you have another self-directed meeting this coming Monday, since I have been getting some requests from people. I am not available next week, regrettably.
15.45 pm is the time when all of you can make it in DVGGU, room 232

Dima and Galya, I suggest you to proceed with Cage Painting simulations for the rest of the group, you can also start creating your own scenarios, since Mara's students are getting organized and promise to contact you next week. So, you should be preapared ( group FIVE.RU included !!!)

Other than that, you can start decorating the room and creating the agenda, that can interesr all of you, prepare topics for discussion. I can forward you some materials, if you wish.

Look forward to hearing your ideas,

PS. Yes, Group FIVE RU created quite an informative post, thanks and congratulations!
We are expecting a few more to come. One from UAVD- KSAEL group, another from DVGGU mixed group, and a research from Elvira's group. Katya and Larisa, are you engaged in creating a post?
Anyone else writing texts in secret????
I am trying to arrange the Marratech Videoconference with Stanford in the meantime.
And, awaiting for your comments to Stanford posts, uploaded March, 09 and later on, after the greeting in Russian.


Date: 2009 Apr 04 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (1)

Congratulations to Katya, Marianna and Kseniya! Great post on stereotypes, so bright and informative, colorful and very interesting to read, quite a diversity of topics and opinions.

What I liked also is that they processed the text several times, had a few drafts before they polished the latest variant. I really give you a credit for this.

Dima, Galya and Olesya wrote about Russian names, sharing their opinions on the topic. Regrettably, no pictures, and some work needs to be done on the structure (conclusion???) and clear self-expression.
I would recommend to work on the text again before you upload it for the international audience. Sooner doesn't always mean better.


Date: 2009 Apr 02 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (1)

Dear all, this is the beginning you might use for your new posts when you upload them:

"This post has been created for the blog exchange among Stanford, Orebro, Khabarovsk students on Intercultural and Cross Cultural Issues"

Looking forward,

Date: 2009 Mar 27 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (0)

Dear friends,

I encourage you all to think of a new post you want to create for this new exchange.
Let us agree, you brainstorm the ideas and let me know here or in e-mail, which topic you are working on and who is creating in groups or individually.

Time frame - week 16-20 March- to give the name of your research interest and the post you want to create and with whom.
week 23- 27 - proofreading and consultations
by April 1 - uploading new posts.

By that time you will see the term papers, created by Orebro students. Also - I encourage you to leave your comments and answers to both Orebro and Stanford.
And recommendations - you choose one or two posts from Stanford or Orebro that you like most and try to llink your posts to those you like most, so that when we go to videoconferencing - you would know whom you are going to discuss the issues with. Does it sound logical?

Look forward to hearing from you,

Date: 2009 Mar 15 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (11)

Dear new comers!

Welcome to join Global Learning!

Sorry I failed to return to you as planned, but I suggest to meet on Monday at 2 pm in Ped University, room 232 ( this is the room for Global Learning! )

I hope to hear from your feedback 1)on our site,

as well as2) Cage Painting Simulation

, and 3)our blog with Stanford and Orebro, ok? Think of the topic of your post to this blog, as well.
Thanks for coming tonight and look forwrad to seeing you on Monday!
( I hope this time works well to you, if not, please, negotiate it with Gala, and let me know)


PS. The group from UAVD ( Gleb, Alisa, Nastya, Tanya, Natasha), I suggest you to read the blog with Stanford and Orebro this week and give your topics for posts next wednesday, after our class. I also hope you will do the Survey to Stanford

Date: 2009 Mar 11 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (3)

Dear participants of videoconferencing with Stanford,
they want us to fill in the survey in order to get the feedback about the activities you were and are involved ( bloging, videoconferncing)

Please, plan some of your time to answer the questions they posed at this site

Your answers will automatically be posted into the Survey Collection Website

I would REALLY appreciate if each of you do this, so that we can plan on continuing our exchange with Stanford,

I will see you this Wednesday


Date: 2009 Mar 09 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (2)

Dear new and experienced students!

Welcome to our next gethering!
Orientation on Global Learning projects!

11 March, Wednesday, 5.15 pm, Academy, room 502

Dima and Gala will provide you all with information on how to proceed through
Cage Painting
Make sure you read our posts on with Stanford University
and our recent blogging with Sweden
as well as articles on cage painting that Dima refered you in his entry below

Prepare questions and be ready to join in right away!


Date: 2009 Mar 04 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (0)

Hello! Here's some help..

the picture from Glyn Rimmington's paper

For Those who did not have a chance to participate in Glyn Rimmington's Cage Painting Project yet, here is some info

First, two papers containing the Cage Paintin idea - 'Final Paper' and 'Graz Final' (Actually they have longer titles but these ones are just file names)

These papers are pretty big. And it is hard I think to explain the idea in a few words.You can download them at 'File Sharing' section - go there throug our site menu, or follow that helpful link

Aloso, Olga Vladimirovna scenario is available for downloading there

Once again, I may recommend visiting  ... Read more »

Date: 2009 Mar 03 | Added by: Dmitry | Comments (0)

Global learneres,

we are moving on to the next level now:
1- creating posts for the Sweden - Stanford - Khabarovsk blog. If you want to introduce yourself and/or to invite to a conversation on the specific topic of your interst, go ahead and do it.
If you want me or Vera Nikolaevna, Alexei Valerievich to proofread your texts before you post it, go ahead and send it over to either of us.

Please start your post with:

This entry has been created for Orebro-Khabarovsk- Stanford exchage of Intercultural Communication Classes.

2- Glyn Rimmington, President of Global Learning from Wichita, Kansas, USA, suggests to connect us with his students on writing scenarios on Cage Painting, person to person, by e-mails and on Skype, if you have this sofware ( very easy , free to download and install, by the way -
Some of us participated in his seminar in November, 2008, others are not aware of this process, but we can give you the orientation, right, Dima?
I'd like those of you, interested to get involved in this process, leave the comment here, as well.
We will se what to do next.

3. Leaving your comments as reflections on videoconferencing with Stanford is critical if you want to participate in the next Marratech connections. See the "Congratulations!'" post .

Look forward to hearing from all of you,

Date: 2009 Mar 02 | Added by: kovbasyuk | Comments (3)

I have already asked twice on a question 'Where are the sweden blog posts?', so I decided to write it here:

The best way to see these posts is this: go to the site

and click on a 'Khavaborsk - Örebro - Stanford Blogging' link in a 'Categories' list on a right. Or, which is actually the same, go directly to

Please notice that either of these ways does not lead you to another web-page. It only selects the posts from the ccr blog that refer to Khavaborsk - Örebro - Stanford Blogging and shows them. That means all the posts you'll see actually are on a blog, and you can also find them there if you search well enough

And, please, participate on our discussion in Congratulations! post below

Date: 2009 Mar 01 | Added by: Dmitry | Comments (0)

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